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OYAJA IDOKO, Founder/CEO, Layer3


Curiosity is and always has been the compass for Oyaje. Over the years, trusting in his inherent ability to apply and retool, break things and put them back together, the question today’s answers and answer tomorrow’s questions. At his core is leading by exploring, choosing guts every time and going where others would typically abstain. This is evident in the life he is leading, career and business. Oyaje is driven by a laser focus on the things that matter to him. He is an introvert with a naughty streak and believes in the continuous pursuit of excellence. He is certain that perfection can be achieved with determination and effort. “Arduous and downright rewarding” has characterized his journey. And yes, he used to program over 1000 lines of code at age 12, with no doubt that he would wear this techie badge for a long time. No wonder he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria and moved on to kick off his formal career as a Network Engineer with Prodigy International. Shortly after, he led the team that built the first fixed wireless broadband network in Nigeria at Startech Connections. Pure entrepreneurial ambition and a love for consuming rich experiences drive his work. He led the Engineering Team at Startech from 2002 to 2005 and in that same year, started Layer3. Every new day since then has signaled exciting challenges and experiences that keep him ticking. In the quest for more knowledge, Oyaje took on a Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive program because learning improved methods as the world around you evolve is the only way to keep the eyes focused on the moving target that is technology and the business of it.

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